Total Wine has added Wanderback Batch No. 2 American single malt whiskey to their online store with in-store or curbside, contactless pick up.


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Total Wine has added Wanderback Batch No. 2 American single malt whiskey to their online store. Can you leave a review for us?

The Science of Barrel Aging Whiskey

Did you know up to 70% of the final flavors and fragrances found in whiskey are formed within the relationship between the new make spirit and the wood. Her'es an easily digestible read on this tremendously multivarite process on the science of barrel aging whiskey.
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Drink Like a Girl PB&J Manhattan Whiskey Cocktail

We celebrated International Women's Day with meeting new friends and testing out a new Wanderback PB&J Manhattan Whiskey Cocktail.

Pacific Northwest Adventure Bucket List

Have whiskey will travel! Here's our 2020 pacific northwest adventure bucket list. It lists the places we aspire to enjoy a glass of our limited edition American single malt whiskey this year.

Port Finish American Single Malt Whiskey

Batch No. 3 is our most refined release to date. Aged 5 years and finished in port wine casks, it’s a late night, fireside sipper and makes for an elegant whiskey cocktail. Here’s the story of Batch No. 3’s journey from grain to glass.

The Wanderback Winter Manhattan Whiskey Cocktail

The Wanderback Holiday Manhattan cocktail is perfect for the cooler season. Rich yet surprisingly light and incredibly delicious, this American single malt cocktail – showcasing Batch No.3 and seasonal notes of walnut and apple - is perfect for any party this holiday.
Moto Trip Goes AwryWanderback Whiskey Co

Moto Trip Goes Awry; Whiskey (Kinda) Saves the Day

Fall is the best time for adventures in the PNW, in my opinion, at least. Every year  around this time, I get together with a group of friends for a moto trip. Our plan this fall was to ride sections of the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route. As is often the case, our plans changed. Here’s where it gets interesting. . .
Limited Edition American Single Malt WhiskeyWanderback Whiskey Co.

Thanksgiving + Whiskey; How to Pair Your Meal

The holiday season is a time of year we always look forward to and with Thanksgiving fast approaching, we found ourselves thinking about our menu and subsequently, how to pair our whiskeys with the fare.
Limited Edition American Single Malt WhiskeyWanderback Whiskey Co.

Find Batch No. 3 in Oregon Liquor Stores

You can check current stock of Batch No. 3 using the Oregon Liquor Finder, and typing in the code for Batch No. 3: 6372B. At time of posting, these stores had inventory. Bottles are moving fast so we suggest you call ahead.

2 Surprising Summertime Whiskey Cocktails

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: we believe whiskey is best enjoyed neat. Simple. Elegant. No fuss. But! That doesn’t mean that good whiskey cocktails are banned from our list. A classic Old Fashioned is never a bad place to start, as this is often our go-to.

Today's ASM Debate: The Single Malt Alliance

American single malt is a hot topic in the world of spirits. While a firm definition of what constitutes a whiskey in this category is still fluid, there are some emerging standards.

Whiskey Proofing Strategies: Slowing Things Down For Batch No. 3

In 2019 for Batch No. 3, we are switching to SLOW DILUTION. Instead of diluting the cask proof whiskey just prior to blending, we will be diluting it down in the barrel 1-2 proof a month. It will be fully diluted, from 120 proof to bottle proof, right on time for bottling this Fall and and are excited to note its impact in the final taste.

Ditch the S'mores. Grab the Whiskey.

Whether it’s packing for an adventure in the woods or a casual evening at the Farm with friends, we consistently find ourselves reaching for a bottle of Batch No. 1. There’s a warmth to our first American single malt that truly makes it the perfect sipping whiskey. And coincidence or not, the consensus is that its rich, smoky finish makes it the ultimate companion to a nice piece of dark chocolate, good company and a campfire.

Guide to Wanderback Single Malt: Which to Try First.

Newcomers to our whiskey, and American single malt in general, often ask: Which Batch of Wanderback should I try first? American Single Malt (or ASM) is a relatively new category in the world of spirits and the Pacific Northwest is just beginning to scratch the surface on the abundance it holds. At the forefront of that movement are single malt whiskey producers like Wanderback.

Honoring the Environment: Making Wanderback at The Farm

When we first purchased the Farm, we knew it was special, but the vision for Wanderback didn’t come until much later. What we did realize immediately, however, was the natural beauty of the place. Rolling hills tucked between Cascade mountains, an abundance of fresh, clean water and fertile soil added to the allure.


Made from the same mash recipe as Batch No. 1, Batch No. 2 rolled out a completely distinctive flavor profile. It hit the shelves at the end of September, and, wow, has the response been exciting! Check out St Jack bar manager Charlie Dorst’s reaction when he first tasted Batch No. 2

Spice Up Your Summer Feast Cocktail with Some Mixology History

With a bit of mystery in its history, this somewhat elusive cocktail on paper could appear a bit conflicted, perhaps confused, when you first glance its ingredients...but we’re here to share that the Blood and Sand is an unexpected delight with its spicy and sweet profile.

Throw a Perfect Pig Roast Party

Phil, our Founder, loves to reward friends and family who help him bottle Wanderback Whiskey with his amazing pig roast, which typically feeds 40-50 hungry minds and mouths. We interviewed him as part of our new #MeetTheMaker Instagram series and learned that there’s more than one way to roast a pig...but he’s perfected the process.

The Spirit of the Bottle: Capturing the Essence of Batch No. 2

Wanderback whiskey recipes start with two things: inspiration and ingredients. How they come together on the tail end is really an adventure in itself– especially at The Farm.

Beyond the Barrel: Batch No. 1’s Magical Mash

Creativity and collaboration. Inspiration and expertise. And malted barley. Lots of malted barley. Turns out, that was a winning combination for our first release, Batch No. 1.

Batch No. 1 Wins Double Gold from the American Distillers Institute

The American Distillers Institute has awarded the coveted double gold to Batch No. 1, Wanderback Whiskey Co.'s first release.


As 2017 draws to a close, we are preparing for the release of our second American Single Malt Whiskey in 2018.

Batch No. 1 is released from the barn!

After nearly three years in the barrel, Batch No. 1, our first American Single Malt Whiskey is off to the OLCC's Portland warehouse. It's been a long road to get to this point and we're excited to get the product into the hands of Oregon whiskey lovers.

The Roots of Wanderback Whiskey Co.

So how does a Canadian living and working in Seattle decide that he's going to make American Single Malt Whiskey in Hood River, OR? It all started on a family trip to Boulder, CO.

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